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Hanoi Radio Television
Type Analog, Cable and digital television network
Branding Hanoi1, Hanoi2, HCaTV and Hanoi Radio
Country Vietnam
Availability Vietnam
Launch date

October 14, 1954 (radio)

January 1, 1979 (television) [1]
Official website

Hanoi Radio Television (Vietnamese: Đài phát thanh và truyền hình Hà Nội) is the official radio and television network of Hanoi, Vietnam. Its headquarters is on Huỳnh Thúc Kháng Boulevard, and Đống Đa District represents its network logo. It currently own 3 radio channels and 2 television channels:

  • Hanoi Radio: the first broadcast channel of the network
  • Hanoi1: Hanoi TV 1, previously Hanoi TV, originally the network's sole televised channel. It was modified as a news and social channel after the installment of Hanoi 2.
  • Hanoi2: Hanoi TV 2, previously Ha Tay TV (HTV). It changed its name after the 2008 geographical merge of Hà Tây Province into Hanoi. It now serves as an entertainment and financial channel.
  • Hanoi Cable Network Television (HCaTV), a premium channel.


In October 14, 1954 launch Hanoi Radio. On January 6, 1978,Hanoi People's Committee decided the 41/QDTC to Hanoi Radio open the Television service.The television service launched on 1 January 1979 at 2PM (GMT+7). The old ident looks same with Bac Ninh Television (because Bac Ninh merge with Bac Giang to Ha Bac). Originally, it is the 45 minutes programmes block on VTV. Now the channel broadcast for 18 hours and 30 minutes per day.

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