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Hanoi Railway Station

Ga Hà Nội
2013-07-15 Ga Ha Noi(Hanoi Station)ハノイ駅 DSCF9392.jpg
Hanoi Railway Station in 2013
Location120 Lê Duẩn
Hoàn Kiếm District, Hanoi
Coordinates21°01′27.9″N 105°50′27.9″E / 21.024417°N 105.841083°E / 21.024417; 105.841083Coordinates: 21°01′27.9″N 105°50′27.9″E / 21.024417°N 105.841083°E / 21.024417; 105.841083
Owned byVietnam Railways
Platforms9 side platforms
ConnectionsHanoi Bus, Hanoi Metro
Other information
Opened1902 (1902)
Old part of Hanoi Railway Station

Hanoi railway station (Vietnamese: Ga Hà Nội) is one of the main railway stations on the North–South Railway (Reunification Express) in Vietnam. It serves the city of Hanoi. The station is located at 120 Lê Duẩn Street, Cua Nam Ward, Hoan Kiem District of Hanoi and is the starting point of five railway lines leading to almost every Vietnamese province.

Departures from Hà Nội[edit]

These are the passenger services departing from Hanoi Main station.

To ĐỒNG ĐĂNG (for Beijing)
Train number: M1 (T6 in China)
Hanoi depart: 18:30 Tuesdays & Fridays only

The train to Dong Dang is metre gauge and cannot continue on the Chinese railway network. Passengers destined for China must connect to a Chinese train at Pingxiang. Standard gauge tracks have been laid to Gia Lâm Railway Station, about 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) across the river from the main Hanoi Railway Station. Through trains to China depart from Gia Lâm rather than the main Hanoi Railway Station[1].

To Hải Phòng
Train number: HP1 LP5
Hanoi Depart: 06:00 15:25
To Lao Cai (For Sapa)
Train Number: LC3 SP7 SP1 SP3 LC1
Hanoi Depart: 06:10 20:35 21:10 21:50 22:00
To Sài Gòn, The Reunification Express
Train number: SE19 SE1 SE3 SE5 SE7 TN1
Hanoi depart: 14:30 19:00 23:00 15:45 06:15 10:15

The train to Nanning departs from Hanoi Gia Lam 2 more trains to Haiphong departing from Hanoi Gia Lam


Gare de Hanoï, 1912

Hanoi railway station opened in 1902[2]. The building was damaged in the Vietnam War 1972 and in 1976 the central hall was rebuilt in modern style, preserving the historic side wings (only the middle was bombed).


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