Hanover Island

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Islands and Bodies of water around Hanover Island.
Coordinates 51°0′S 74°40′W / 51.000°S 74.667°W / -51.000; -74.667Coordinates: 51°0′S 74°40′W / 51.000°S 74.667°W / -51.000; -74.667
Adjacent bodies of water Pacific ocean
Area 812 km2 (314 sq mi)
Highest point 1158
Region Magallanes
Province [[]]
Commune [[]]
Additional information
NGA UFI=-884011

Hanover Island (Spanish: Isla Hanover) is an island in the in Magallanes Region. It is separated from the Chatham Island by the Esteban Channel, Guías Narrows and Inocentes Channel.


In popular fiction the island is featured in Jules Verne's book 'Two Years' Vacation'. The book tells the story of 15 boys (aged between 8 and 14) from Auckland, New Zealand, who spent 2 years on this remote island as result of a storm, which cast their schooner upon the island's shore. There it is called "Chairman Island" after the name of the boys' boarding school.

On the continental side there is the Torres del Paine National Park.

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