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Wall poem by Andreus in The Hague

Hans Andreus (21 February 1926, Amsterdam – 9 June 1977, Putten) was the pseudonym of the Dutch poet and writer Johan Wilhelm van der Zant.

Andreus' debut work, the poetry book 'Muziek voor Kijkdieren', came out in 1951. His work is seen as part of the Dutch/Belgian literary movement known as 'De Vijftigers', a group of young poets started in the late 40s and connected to the COBRA movement, which also included Lucebert and Hugo Claus.

Besides poetry, Andreus also wrote a large number of children's books, the best known series of which revolves around the character 'Meester Pompelmoes'. Andreus stories for children are full of fantastical themes, playful, and written in a lyrical, rhythmical style. He received a number of prizes for his children's books, including a 'Zilveren Griffel' prize for his poetry book 'De Rommeltuin' and his book 'Meester Pompelmoes en de mompelpoes' won the CNPB Children's Book of the Year award in 1969 (a predecessor of the Gouden Griffel).

He also wrote a number of radio dramas, chansons, TV scripts and commercials, novels, and a novella.