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Hans D. Baumann
Born Germany
Occupation Inventor, engineer, author

Hans D. Baumann is a German-American inventor and engineer. He has registered over 200 patents and produced 105 publications. He is known internationally as a valve specialist and is an expert on aerodynamic noise of gases.[citation needed]


Baumann came to the United States from Germany in 1953, as an exchange student.[1] He holds degrees from [Case institute of Technology (now part of Case Western Reserve University)] and Northeastern University, and earned a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia Pacific University.[2]

Baumann has worked as Chief Engineer at W. & T. Co., a valve supplier in Germany; Manager of Research & Development at Worthington S/A in France; Director of Engineering at Cashco, Inc., in the U.S.; Vice President of Masoneilan International, Inc.; and Senior Vice President of Technology for Fisher Controls. In 1977, he founded H. D. Baumann Assoc., Ltd., manufacturing control valves; the company was subsequently acquired by Fisher Instruments, and is now part of Emerson Process Management.[2]

In the field of engineering, Baumann has published manuals on valves and was a contributor to the Instrument Engineers' Handbook, Control Valves Handbook, Noise and Vibration Control Engineering Handbook, and Handbook of Noise and Vibration Control. He has also self-published several books on business management and German history. His book Hitler's Fate suggests that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide, but rather survived World War II.

Baumann is a licensed Professional Engineer in four states and a member of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society.[2] He is an advisor to the dean of the University of New Hampshire Business School, and presently resides in Palm Beach, Florida.

Scientific "first" accomplishments[edit]

Defined choked flow in valves and developed a method to define its onset.

ISA TRANSACTIONS, Instrument Society of America. April 1963.

Method to calculate the pressure loss in pipe expanders adjacent to throttling valves. REGELUNGSTECHNIK, Heft 3, March 1969.

Create the first fundamental based estimating method for aerodynamic noise emitting from throttling valves handling gases. ASME paper WA/FE-28, November 1970.

Defining the size of jet diameters in valve orifices for the determination of aero-dynamic noise. NOISE CONTROL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, March-April, 1991, Vol. 36 /Number 2.

Comprehensive improvements in the estimation of valve flow capacity under laminar or transitional flow conditions. TRANSACTIONS of the ASME, JOURNAL OF FLUIDS ENGINEERING, March 1991, Vol. 113.

Established values of an acoustic efficiency factor for estimating hydro-dynamic sound levels for water.. NOISE CONTROL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, ,43(5). September-October 1995.

Established a mathematical relationship between total employment of firms and their expected number of managers. BUILDNG LEAN COMPANIES, Morgan James Publication, April 2009.




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