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Hans Coverdale Road is the longest most popular street(s) found in Eersterust, Gauteng, South Africa.[citation needed] The street is unique, as it is long-lengthed, linking the entire township of Eersterust, and is a gateway to Eersterust, as well as a major route to the township. It is also a three-set route, meaning, it is a road built upon three different streets, Hans Coverdale Road North, Hans Coverdale Road East & Hans Coverdale Road West. The similarity in the street names, can confuse any newcomers, even people creating, or using map software.[citation needed]

These streets are the longest street in the township of Eersterust, stretching from the M8 Stormvoël Drive. All these streets are junctioned and connected to each other at different points found in the township.


Hans Coverdale Road is the most commonly used road in Eersterust, by its residents as it is the locally found main road connecting the township with the surrounding suburbs of Pretoria, namely Watloo, Silverton, Jan Niemand Park and Destpach.

The street is named after the late "Hans Coverdale", a former leader from Eersterust and then owner of the Caltex filling station in Stormvoël Drive, which was known as Coverdale's Garage.

There are approximately 50 houses located in this street, and many of the townships famous shopping sites are situated in this street.

The Local Civic Center is also situated in Hans Coverdale Road West, which allows locals to enjoy easy navigation around the township, as well as quick and easy access to outgoing routes like Petroleum Road and the M8 Stormvoël Drive.


Hans Coverdale Road North is a street found at the Northern region of Eersterust, starting at Hans Coverdale East (where it is combined with), and ending at the western boundary of Eersterust. The road has been subjected to be extended into Jan Niemand Park (a nearby suburb in Pretoria), across the Moreleta River, but howso ever this project may be still in development. Hans Coverdale Road East is a street found in the eastern region of Eersterust, starting at Stormvoël Drive and ending at Hans Coverdale Drive North (where it is combined with). Hans Coverdale Road West is a street found in the residential western region of the township. It stretches from Stormvoël Drive (where it flows into Petroleum Road), until Hans Coverdale Road North, (where the road T-Junctions).


It is the most popular and most driven route in the township of Eersterust, Gauteng. The route is divided into three roads, which all intersect at various locations of Eersterust. This three roads are known as Hans Coverdale Road North, Hans Coverdale Road West and Hans Coverdale Road East.

The naming of these routes is not quite known, as the names all start with Hans Coverdale, which could be a person who had lived in Eersterust or who had inspired the people of Eersterust, or who inspired the person who named these roads.

Eersterust is a township with many streets named after people or given similar names.

Transportative ability[edit]

Hans Coverdale Road is also known as the main route of Eersterust. Each and every resident living in Eersterust or people visiting Eersterust travel by these roads, by means of transportation, whether its by foot, or bicycle, motor vehicles. The route is the only road to travel from, around and into Eersterust, as most roads, streets and avenues link to the Hans Coverdale Roads.

Geographic Route Information[edit]

The roads of Hans Coverdale West and Hans Coverdale North T-junction at a traffic circle found at the co-ordinates of 25°41'59.86"S 28°18'34.15"E in the Northern Region of Extension 6 in Eersterust.

The roads of Hans Coverdale North & Hans Coverdale East run directly into each other therefore occurring a name change between at the co-ordinates of 25°42'04.92"S 28°19'02.80"E at the t-junction of Colleagues Avenue and 25°42'07.13"S 28°19'05.80"E at the T-junction of Labour Avenue. Hans Coverdale Road West starts at the point where it intersects with the M8 Stormvoël Road, and Petroleum Street which leads into the suburb of Waltloo, Pretoria. (25°43'04.60"S 28°18'26.63"E)

Hans Coverdale Road East starts at the co-ordinates of 25°42'58.88"S 28°19'17.29"E where it intersects at a t-junction with the M8 Stormvoël Road, which leads into the neighbouring township, Mamelodi.

Hans Coverdale Road North ends at a "dead-end" location, where construction (by the City Council of Tshwane) to extend the route into the neighbouring suburb of Jan Niemand Park, Pretoria, across the Rietspruitjie (a minor river running from the Moreleta River, thought the heart of Eersterust and ending in the eastern region of Eersterust) is yet to amend. (25°42'08.40"S 28°18'00.15"E)


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