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Hans Feurer
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Hanspeter Feurer
Known forfashion photography

Hans Feurer (born Hanspeter Feurer, 1939) is a Swiss fashion photographer. He currently lives in Zürich, Switzerland.


After studying art in Switzerland, Hans Feurer worked as a graphic artist, illustrator and art director for several advertising agencies in London. In 1966, after buying a Land Rover and leaving for Africa, he decided to embark as a professional photographer. He returned to London, rented a studio, and started working on his photographs. At the end of 1967,[1] Hans Feurer’s work was recognized and his professional career officially launched.[2]


In 1974, Feurer collaborated with Pirelli Calendar,[3] as well as with famous fashion magazine for their time, Deutsch Sven[4] and English Nova. Both magazines are no longer in print. 1983, Feurer had the opportunity to photograph a campaign for French luxury house, Kenzo with renowned model, Iman.[5] Hans is one of the most effectively marked photographers of his generation and is often requested by fashion magazines such as Vogue,[6] Elle, Numero and Another.[7]


In 2013, publishing company Damiani Editore gave Feurer the opportunity to publish a photography book,[8] which ended up being the subject of an exhibition at the Parisian concept store, Colette, at the end of September 2013.[9] In January 2014, Rome fashion week invited him, as guest of honor, to display some of his photographs. In June 2014, Hans showed a collection of his work at the Moscow contemporary art gallery RuArts,[10] with the support of magazine Vogue in Russia.


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