Hans Glaser

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Hans Glaser
Born c. 1500
Died June 1573
Nationality German
Known for Print making
April 14, 1561 broadsheet by Hans Glaser, with a woodcut illustration and accompanying text describing a celestial event that occurred over Nuremberg on April 4 of that year

Hans Wolff Glaser (also Hanns Glaser, Hans Glasser, Hans Wolff Glaßer) (c. 1500 – June 1573) was a printer, block-cutter, woodcut tinter and publisher from Nuremberg, Germany known for printing broadsheets, some featuring woodcut illustrations. Glaser produced prints between 1540 and 1572.[1] He died in June 1573.

Glaser is most-known for printing a broadsheet news article on April 14, 1561 describing a mass sighting of a celestial event or unidentified flying objects that occurred over Nuremberg on April 4 of the same year. The broadsheet, illustrated with a woodcut engraving and text, is preserved at the Zentralbibliothek Zürich in Zurich, Switzerland.[2] It describes objects of various shapes including crosses, spears, discs, a crescent, and a tubular object from which several smaller, round objects emerged and darted around the sky at dawn.[3]


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