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Hans Robert Hermann Hickmann (b. Roßlau, Germany, May 19, 1908; d. Blandford Forum, England, September 4, 1968) was an eminent German musicologist. He lived in Egypt and specialized in the music and organology of Ancient Egypt, and survivals thereof in Egyptian traditional music. He wrote about Egypt's tradition of cheironomy (as practiced in Ancient Egypt and still found in Coptic music) for the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.

He studied at the University of Berlin, studying with Curt Sachs and Erich von Hornbostel, and graduating in 1934. He also played the piano and organ, and conducted

Hickmann first investigated Egyptian music in 1932-33, during a visit to the Siwa Oasis, and settled in Egypt in 1933. He operated a conservatory called Musica Viva, located at 1 Seket el Fadl in downtown Cairo.

His notable students included the composer Rifaat Garrana.


Books by Hans Hickmann[edit]

  • Hickmann, Hans (1980). Miscellanea musicologica (Vies et travaux). Organization des antiquites de l'Egypte, Service des musees. ISBN 977-02-0334-3. ISBN 978-977-02-0334-7.

Articles by Hans Hickmann[edit]

  • Hickmann, Hans. "Un Zikr Dans le Mastaba de Debhen, Guîzah (IVème Dynastie)." Journal of the International Folk Music Council, v. 9 (1957), pp. 59-62.
  • Hickmann, Hans. "La dans l'Egypte ancienne." Zeitschrift fur ägyptische Sprache und Altertumkunde, vol. 83, no. 2 (1958).


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