Hans III Jordaens

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Gallery by Jordaens and figures by Cornelis de Baellieur, ca. 1630.

Hans III Jordaens (1590 – 1643), was a Flemish Baroque painter.


According to the RKD his birth year and place is uncertain. He could have been born in Delft as a son of Hans Jordaens, or he may have been born in Antwerp as a relative of Jacob Jordaens. He painted historical allegories, interiors, animals, and art galleries.[1] He also painted staffage for Abraham Govaerts.[1] His works are often confused with works of other painters by the same name.

According to Houbraken, the widow of the lawyer Nicolaas Muys van Holy (1653/54-1717) owned a painting by him of the Pharaoh's army crossing the red sea and drowning with horses and wagons. Houbraken confused him with the painter Hans IV Jordaens of Delft.[2]


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