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Portrait of Hans Jæger by Andreas Bloch

Hans Henrik Jæger (2 September 1854, Drammen, Norway – 8 February 1910, Oslo) was a Norwegian writer, philosopher and anarchist political activist who was part of the Oslo (then Kristiania)-based bohemian group known as the Kristiania Bohemians. He was prosecuted for his book Fra Kristiania-bohêmen, convicted and sentenced to 60 days' imprisonment in a supreme court ruling in 1886. He and other bohemians tried to live by the nine commandments he had formulated in Fra Kristiania-bohêmen.

The following year he was forced to flee Norway. He had been sentenced to 150 more days in prison after the Norwegian government learned that he had sent 300 copies of Fra Kristiania-bohêmen to Sweden under the pretence that it was a volume of Christmas stories.

He was a friend of Edvard Munch and was the subject of one of Munch's paintings, swiftly painted in the rented room of one of Munch's friends.

Hans Jæger maintained that sexuality should become unrefuted and unrestricted in relationships, maintaining the traditional values of marriage and social class did encroach on such an appetite quite unnecessarily. His idea called for a few catalysts; Jæger cajoled that the institution of marriage should be necessarily abolished, and that full inter-class freedoms of what intimacies and romantic expressions may be conveyed are allowed unconditionally. .[1]


  • Kants fornuftskritik (Kant's critique of pure reason) 1878
  • Olga (play) 1883
  • En intellektuel Forførelse (play) (An Intellectual Seduction) 1884
  • Fra Kristiania-bohêmen (From the Christiania Bohemians) 1885
  • Julefortællinger av Hans Jæger (Christmas Stories by Hans Jæger, in reality the second volume of From the Christiania Bohemians) 1886
  • Albertine (with Christian Krohg) 1886
  • Min forsvarstale i høyesterett (My Defence Speech in the Supreme Court) 1886
  • Kristianiabilleder (Images of Christiania) 1888
  • Novelletter (Short Stories) 1889
  • Bohemens erotiske bekjennelser (The Erotic Confessions of the Bohemians)
    • Syk kjærlihet (part 1 of 3) 1893 (Twisted Love)
    • Bekjendelser (part 2 of 3) 1902 (Confessions)
    • Fængsel og fortvilelse (part 3 of 3) 1903 (Prison and Despair)
  • Anarkiets bibel (The Bible of Anarchism) 1906
  • Socialismens ABC (written between 1906-1910, never finished) (The ABC of Socialism)


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