Hans Jacob Stabel

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Hans Jacob Stabel

Hans Jacob Stabel (27 August 1769 – 7 January 1836) was a Norwegian priest and elected official.[1]

Hans Stabel was born at the parsonage where his father was parish pastor in Onsøy at Fredrikstad in Østfold. In 1792, he took a job as personnel chaplain in Onsøy. From 1799 he was assistant pastor at Slidre in Oppland. In 1806, became pastor in Sør-Aurdal. He was a vicar in Kristiansand from 1822-1825. He served as pastor in Østre Toten from 1825 until he died in 1836. [2]

In 1814, he was a member of the constitutional assembly to draft and sign the Norwegian Constitution as a representative from Kristians amt, now Oppland. He was made a member of the Royal Order of Vasa by King Karl XIV Johan. [3] [4]


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