Hans Jacoby

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Hans Jacoby
Born 23 October 1904
Breslau, Silesia
German Empire
Died 31 October 1963
Zurich, Switzerland
Occupation Screenwriter
Art director
Years active 1921-1963

Hans Jacoby (1904–1963) was a German screenwriter and art director. Jacoby worked designing film sets during the Weimar Era, and from the late 1920s began contributing scripts as well. Jacoby was of Jewish background[1] and was forced to go into exile when the Nazi Party took power in 1933. Jacoby settled in the United States for many years, working on the screenplays of a number of Hollywood productions. He returned to Germany in the mid-1950s, and worked in the West German film industry until his death.

Selected filmography[edit]

Art director[edit]



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