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Hans Lodeizen

Hans Lodeizen (Naarden, July 20, 1924 - Lausanne, 26 July 1950), born Johannes August Frederik Lodeizen, was a Dutch poet. He was the author of one book of poems (The Wallpaper Within, 1949) and a quantity of miscellaneous work. Despite his short life and modest output, his minimalist lyrics, which are generally constituted of short, unrhymed lines without capitals or punctuation, strongly influenced a post-war generation of Dutch poets, including Gerard Reve (who enjoyed a private correspondence with Lodeizen's father, revealed in 2002 by Lodeizen's Dutch biographer).

voor Jim

de sterren en het ongeneselijke
moment van de twee balken.
Orion ontdekt en in zijn hand
o noodlot in zijn hand het zwaard.

the stars & the incurable
moment of two crossed beams.
Orion discovered & in his hand
o fate in his hand the sword.

— "for Jim", translated by James Merrill [1]

Early life and education[edit]

Born into an influential family, Lodeizen was raised in great privilege as the son of the director of Müller & Company, an international trading firm. He studied law briefly in Leiden, but took an interest in biology and pursued graduate study at Amherst College in the United States in 1947-1948. There he befriended the poet James Merrill who, after becoming "smitten" with Lodeizen,[1] would describe him many years later as "clever, goodnatured, solitary, blond, / all to a disquieting degree."[2] Lodeizen would lose interest in his graduate biology program and return to Europe to work (reluctantly) for his father's firm; after his diagnosis with leukemia, he spent his last months sustained by blood transfusions in a Swiss sanatorium.[1] He was 26 when he died.

Lodeizen's poems have been translated into English by James Brockway and James Merrill, among others, and have appeared mainly in anthologies of Dutch poetry.[3]


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