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Hans Putmans
4th Governor of Formosa
In office
Preceded by Pieter Nuyts
Succeeded by Johan van der Burg

Hans Putmans (died 1656) was a Dutch explorer.


Born in Middelburg, he was the fourth governor of Formosa, which later became known as Taiwan, from 1629–1636, and was based in the southern port of Tainan. While governor, Putmans was defeated at the Battle of Liaoluo Bay on October 22, 1633, by the Ming dynasty fleet, which was under admiral Zheng Zhilong.


Defeated in the battle, Putmans turned to agriculture; a vegetable and fruit plantation that he established supplied the crews of many ships, bringing a handsome profit to the Dutch East India Company; as a result he was regarded as one of the best governors.[citation needed] In 1639, he returned to the Dutch Republic.

The blood tax[edit]

Hans Putmans forced about 2,000 aborigines to work as slaves for the Dutch East India Company; after fights with aborigines in 1633, he created the Formosa blood tax.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Pieter Nuyts
Governor of Formosa
Succeeded by
Johan van der Burg