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Hans T. Blokland (born 1960) is a Dutch social and political theorist. Currently he is a professor at the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences at the Humboldt University of Berlin and at Sciences Po Paris.

Blokland is the author of Freedom and Culture in Western Society (1997) and Modernization and its political consequences (2006). His work has awarded, among others, the Pieter de la Court-prize of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.[1]

The central subjects of Blokland's work are the meanings of freedom, autonomy, paternalism and emancipation; cultural politics and cultural policy; ethical pluralism of philosophers like Isaiah Berlin and political pluralism of political scientists like Robert Dahl and Charles E. Lindblom; the process of modernization (rationalization, differentiation and individualization); the dissemination, potencies and flaws of the market and bureaucracy; the development of (the thinking on) democracy, policy-making and planning; and the history and potency of political science.

Select bibliography[edit]

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