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Hans Westerhoff
Hans Westerhoff in 2014
Born Hans Victor Westerhoff
(1953-01-14) January 14, 1953 (age 64)[1]
Fields Systems biology[2]
Alma mater University of Amsterdam (PhD)
Thesis Mosaic non-equilibrium thermodynamics and (the control of) biological free-energy transduction (1983)
Academic advisors Karel van Dam[1][3]
Doctoral students
  • Emily Armitage
  • Kathryn Blount
  • Aleida Geenen
  • Victoria Jackson
  • Edward Kent
  • Helen Kotze
  • Ettore Murabito
  • Robert Platt
  • Mark Quinton-Tulloch
  • Samrina Rehman
  • Mohammed Shahraz
  • Nicholas Shipillis
  • Yujiang Wang
  • Jie Yang[4]
  • Nilgun Sahin
  • Alexey Kolodkin[5]

Hans Victor Westerhoff (born 14 January 1953 in Amsterdam)[1] is a Dutch biologist and biochemist who is professor of synthetic systems biology at the University of Amsterdam[6] and AstraZeneca professor of systems biology at the University of Manchester.[2] Currently he is a Chair of AstraZeneca and a director of the Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology.[7][8]


Westerhoff was educated at the University of Amsterdam where he was awarded a PhD in 1983 for investigations of non-equilibrium thermodynamics and the control of biological thermodynamics supervised by Karel van Dam.[1]


In March 1995 Westerhoff wrote about a discovery of magainin in the African clawed frog which helps it fight against bacterias which he discovered along with his colleagues.[9] In December 1996 he and his group discovered a nitric-oxide reductase of Paracoccus denitrificans.[10] In 2000 he and Martin Bier, along with Barbara Bakker discovered that yeast cells can oscillate and merge with others in some cases because they get energized from glycolysis.[11][12] In 2013 he studied maps of human metabolism and came out with its biochemical map.[13]


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