Hanscarl Leuner

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Hanscarl Leuner.

Hanscarl Leuner (* 1919 in Bautzen; † 1996 in Göttingen) was a German psychiatrist.

His father was a leatherware factory owner. He studium of medicine at Frankfurt University and Marburg University (1939-1946) was interrupted by his military service in World War II.

He was a pioneer in using Psychoactive drugs for therapy in Germany. He invented the so-called Psycholytic Therapy (German: Psycholytische Therapie) which is a combination of psychodynamic psychotherapy with some light use of hallucinogens to enhance access to preconscious contents. After the general prohibition of hallucinogens in most countries he developed Guided Affective Imagery (also known as: KIP, Katathym-imaginative Psychotherapy, Katathym-Psychotherapy, guided mental imagery, catathymic influences).

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