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Hanseatic may refer to:

  • The Hanseatic League, a trading alliance in northern Europe in existence between the 13th and 17th centuries
  • The Hanseatic (class), synonym for upper-class people of the free imperial cities Hamburg, Bremen and Lübeck since mid-17th century after the end of the Hanseatic league
  • The Hanseatic Parliament, an association of business chambers around the Baltic Sea, founded in the early 1990s
  • Hanseatic Tours, a German cruise line that operated 1991–1997
  • SS Hanseatic (1930), an ocean liner operated by Hamburg Atlantic Line 1958–1966
  • SS Hanseatic (1964), an ocean liner/cruise ship operated by German Atlantic Line 1967–1973
  • SS Hanseatic (1969), a cruise ship operated by German Atlantic Line 1973
  • MS Hanseatic, a cruise ship operated by Hanseatic Tours 1993–1997 and by Hapag–Lloyd Cruises 1997 onwards