Hansei University

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Hansei University
Motto Righteousness, Truth, and Love
Type Private
Established The University was established in 1953, became accredited as in 1985
Chancellor Rev. David Yonggi Cho
President Kim, Sung Hae
Location Gunpo, South Korea
Campus Urban
Website [1]
Hansei University
Hangul 한세대학교
Revised Romanization Hanse Daehakgyo
McCune–Reischauer Hansegi Taehakkyo

Hansei University (Korean pronunciation: [haːnsʰe]) is a mid-sized University located in Gunpo City near Seoul, South Korea. It was established in 1953.

Hansei University Campus, Music Building

The University originally started as the Full Gospel Theological College and changed its name to Soonshin University. In 1997, the name was finally changed to Hansei University. It has currently nine departments: Theology, Media and Communication Arts, Business Administration, Humanities and Social Science, International Language, Information Technology, Art, Design, and Nursing.[1]

The university is widely recognized especially for choral music. Regarded as one of the top choral music universities in Eastern Asia, Hansei University boasts a choral music faculty of six professor/conductors on top of its 40+ music faculty. The university is planning to open an international school for choral music in 2015/16. Composer Hyo-Won Woo has served on the university's faculty.

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