Hansjörg Vogel

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His Excellency
Hansjörg Vogel
Bishop Emeritus of Basel
Church Roman Catholic
Diocese Diocese of Basel
Appointed 3 February 1994
Installed 4 April 1994
Term ended 2 June 1995
Predecessor Otto Wüst
Successor Kurt Koch
Ordination 28 November 1976
Consecration 4 April 1994
by Otto Wüst
Personal details
Born 16 March 1951
Bern Switzerland
Nationality Swiss

Hansjörg Vogel (born 16 March 1951 in Bern) is a Swiss theologian who was from 1994 until his resignation in 1995 the Roman Catholic bishop of the Basel.


On 28 November 1976, he received his priestly ordination. After his election as bishop of Basel and the confirmation by the Pope John Paul II, he was nominated as bishop on 4 April 1994. The episcopal consecration was given by his predecessor in office, Otto Wüst. On 2 June 1995, he resigned from his office after it became known that he would soon be a father.

He then married the woman who was the mother of his child. He worked from 1996 to 1998 as a project manager at Refugee Services of the Swiss Labor Assistance and was a scientific assistant at the Red Cross Swiss Therapy. Incidentally, he trained as an analytical psychologist at Carl Gustav Jung Institute in Kuesnacht. Since January 2001, he is an Immigration and Integration Officer working at the Canton of Lucerne.


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In German:

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