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Hansoft is a software for team collaboration and management in software development. The tool is used for agile and lean development, Gantt scheduling, reporting, bug tracking / QA, workload coordination, portfolio and document management.

Product and features[edit]

Hansoft is used for team collaboration and management in agile software development. Features include:

  • Support for agile methodologies, incl. backlog management and burndown charts.
  • Support for Kanban, incl. takt time and WIP as well as ability to handle multiple workflows in parallel.
  • Support for Gantt-scheduling, incl. milestones, agile & task scheduling in parallel, and release burndown charts.
  • Social Collaboration features incl. chat and newsfeed.
  • Defect tracking & QA with free QA accounts for testers.
  • Localization in mainland Chinese and Japanese.
  • Limited visibility for external partners.
  • Resource and allocation management.
  • Portfolio management.
  • Reporting.
  • Document management.
  • Integration SDK and readymade integrations with Perforce, JIRA, Git and LDAP.
  • Dashboards and Agile Metrics [1]


Hansoft professional license is priced at €25/user/month plus a € 33 monthly server fee. The unlimited license, which includes SDK and integrations with Git, Perforce, LDAP and Jira is priced at €25/user/month plus a € 303 monthly server fee. Educational and Small Team Licenses for up to nine users are free of charge.[2]


Hansoft is developed and marketed by Hansoft AB a Swedish company started in 2002 by Erik Olofsson, Hans Andersson and Patric Palm. In 2006 the company started gaining large customers in game development, like the British gaming studio Eurocom [3] and Electronic Arts.[4]

Awards and accreditations[edit]

- Bona Postulata prize 2010[5] - Develop Awards 2010 – Best Tools Provider[6] - Gasell Prize 2010 – Gasell of the year in Uppsala winner[4][7] - Årets Företagare Uppsala 2011 – Årets Företagare winner[8] - Export Hermes 2011[9] - Gasell Prize 2011 – Gasell of the year in Uppsala winner[10] - Gartner Cool Vendor in PPM 2012[11] - Gartner ADLM Magic Quadrant 2013[12]


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