Hanson Cement

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Hanson Cement
Industry Building materials
Founded 1929
Headquarters Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Products Cement
Owner Heidelberg Cement
Number of employees
Website www.castlecement.com

Hanson Cement is a cement production company located in the United Kingdom. It was called Castle Cement until it was rebranded in 2009. The company is now owned by HeidelbergCement. The company supplies 25% of the demand for cement in the United Kingdom, and employs 1,200 people.


The company was formed in 1981 through an amalgamation of three firms:

The company was acquired by HeidelbergCement in May 2007.[1]

In 2005, the company's depot in Birmingham was demolished after being bought by a developer, who is constructing a mixed-use complex named Curzon Gate.[2]

Environmental concerns[edit]

The company admitted to numerous environmental offences over the years leading up to 2009, during a case in which it was fined 250,000 pounds by the Environment Agency Wales (EAW) in February 2010.[3]


The head office is in Castle Hill at Maidenhead in Berkshire, and the works are located in Ketton in Rutland, Buckley in Clwyd, Ribblesdale near Clitheroe and Avonmouth near Bristol. At Avonmouth, the company has a marine terminal, that is used for the importation of cement in bulk, with samples from there tested at the Ketton site's laboratory each week to ensure they meet British Standards. Cement is also imported through the ports in Humber.

Hanson Cement holds an open day at the Ketton production facility every year in July.[4]


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