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ہنسو ر
Nickname(s): HANS
Hanswar is located in Uttar Pradesh
Location in Uttar Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 26°31′59″N 82°43′48″E / 26.533°N 82.730°E / 26.533; 82.730Coordinates: 26°31′59″N 82°43′48″E / 26.533°N 82.730°E / 26.533; 82.730
Country  India
State Uttar Pradesh
District Ambedaker Nagar
Elevation 78 m (256 ft)
 • Official Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 224143[1]
Telephone code 0527328
Vehicle registration UP 45

Hanswar (Hindi: हंसवर) is a village in the Ambedkar Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh, India, located east of Tanda. It was ruled by the Royal Family of Hanswar Estate till 1950. Demographically, Hanswar resembles the rest of the Purvanchal area in which it is located. It is primarily an agricultural area. It rates moderate in its level of literacy, and has a low human development index.


Hanswar is a small town situated on the banks of river Ghaghra (locally known as Saryu). From the pre-historic period to the time of Akbar, the limits of the province and its internal divisions seem to have been constantly changing, and the name of Oudh, or Awadh, seems to have been applicable to only one of the ancient divisions or Sarkars, nearly corresponding to old Pachhimrath. The title of Subedar of Awadh is mentioned as early as 1280 A.D.


Schools and higher education in Hanswar are administered either by the UPBoard and CBSC, or private organizations. In 2010-2011, there were 5 primary, 6 middle, 3 secondary and 7 senior secondary schools in Hanswar. That year, the higher education institutions in the city included 2 colleges.

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There are two degree colleges in Hanswar, M.S. Degree College and Sri RR Inter College. The oldest school of the town is Madarsa Islamiya Esha'at-ul- Uloom, established in 1914.

List of schools and colleges[edit]

  • Madarsa Esha'at-ul-Uloom
  • Primary Pathshala
  • Kannaya Pathshala
  • Sri R.R. Inter College
  • M.S.M. National Inter College
  • Hira Public School
  • Zohara Girls School


Cricket and volleyball are the most popular sports in Hanswar. There are several cricket grounds located across the Village. The M.S.N. Inter College stadium is one of the oldest cricket grounds in Hanswar and is a venue for Local cricket matches. Football is also a very popular sport in the Village. Other games and sports played in Hanswar include: Kabaddi, Patang Bazi (kite flying), Kho Kho, Kanche (marbles), Atali Patali (a type of dance), and Lattu (spinning top).


Hanswar was once famed for the manufacture of Terricot clothes. Electrical power is typically only available for four to five hours per day and this is a significant factor in the decline of the textile industry.


Hanswar has bus routes connecting to the nearby cities of Lucknow, Varanasi, Allahabad, Azamgarh, Gorakhpur, Faizabad, Akbarpur, Rajesultanpur and Ghazipur.

Private vehicles account for 30% of the total demand for transport, Hanswar has one of the highest road densities in Ambedkarnagar.


Sunita Market is the central market of Hanswar. A variety of goods are sold in the market, including fresh fruit, spices, jewelry, and clothing. There are many types of shops.


Durga Temple[edit]

The temple at Hanswar is dedicated to the goddess Durga. The statue in the temple is made with ashtadhatu (an alloy of eight metals, namely gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, tin, iron, and mercury). The temple was built and is maintained by the Royal Family of Hanswar Estate.


Eid Gah 07 July 2016

Eidgah or Idgah (Urdu: عیدگاہ) is an active open-air mosque, located at the edge of the village. This mosque is said to be the largest and most beautiful mosque in Uttar Pradesh.

Hanswar Lake[edit]

Hanswar lake is located at the northwest edge of the village. The lake is subject to overgrowth of water hyacinth, which can obstruct boat traffic, hinder swimming and fishing, and affect the ecology of the lake.


The main religions of Hanswar are Islam and Hinduism[citation needed].



Summer (March to July) temperatures can range from 35 to 45 degrees Celsius. Winters (November to January) temperatures can range from 6 to 25 degrees Celsius. Rains occur during monsoon season (July to September).