Hanuman Dhoka Palace Museum

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The main entryway to the Hanuman Dhoka Palace.
The south wing of the Hanuman Dhoka Palace.

The Hanuman Dhoka Palace Museum is a museum housed in the Hanuman Dhoka Palace in Kathmandu. It is run by the Nepalese government. The museum is part of the larger Hanuman Dhoka Palace complex, which is known as Hanuman Dhoka Durbar in Nepali. The palace gets its name from the stone image of Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god, that sits near the main entryway. 'Dhoka' means door in Nepali.[1]

Museum Attractions[edit]

The museum tour begins with the section on the Shah Dynasty, the last clan to rule over Nepal, until they were toppled in 2006. This section has artifacts relating to the lives of the various Shah kings, right from their infancy to marriage to their coronation.[1]

There is also a section commemorating the historic changes in Nepal, such as the repealing of the slave system, an act that cost the government of the time Nepali rupees 3,670,000.[1]


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