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Native name
Korean: 한화그룹
Korea Explosives Group
Traded asKRX: 000880
Founded1952; 66 years ago (1952)
FounderKim Chong-hee
Area served
Key people
Kim Seung-yeon
(Chairman and CEO)
RevenueUS$ 53.09 billion[1] (2015)
Total assetsUS$145.38 billion[1] (2015)
Total equityUS$26.60 billion[1] (2015)
SubsidiariesSee subsidiaries
Hanhwa 63 City building in Yeouido, Seoul

Hanwha Group (Hangul한화그룹; RRHanhwa Geurup) is one of the largest business conglomerates (chaebol) in South Korea. Founded in 1952 as Korea Explosives Co. (Hangul약주식회사; Hanja藥株式會社), the group has grown into a large multi-profile business conglomerate, with diversified holdings stretching from explosives, their original business, to retail to financial services. In 1992 the company adopted its abbreviation as the new name: "Hanwha".

The group owns Hanwha Eagles, which is a professional baseball club in South Korea. The current Chairman of Hanwha is Kim Seung-yeon.

Hanwha has 56 affiliates in South Korea alone and 226 networks (affiliates, branches and representative offices) around the world (as of June 2016). However, on the other branches, other ceos have taken root. Some include Kim Ji-Dilleon and others.

Branding and Localization[edit]

The Chinese branding for Hanwha is 韓華 (Simplified Chinese is 韩华). Chinese is the only foreign language in which Hanwha has a translated name. Officially, hanja(韓華) has not been used in South Korea. [2]


Arms & Defense[edit]

  1. Hanwha Corporation
  2. Hanwha Defense Systems
  3. Hanwha Land Systems
  4. Hanwha Systems

Manufacturing & Construction[edit]

  1. Hanwha Aerospace
  2. Hanwha Engineering & Construction
  3. Hanwha City Development

Chemicals & Energy[edit]

  1. Hanwha Chemical
  2. Hanwha General Chemical
  3. Hanwha Total Petrochemicals
  4. Hanwha Advanced Materials
  5. Yeochun NCC
  6. Hanwha Energy
  7. Hanwha Q-CELLS

Finance & Investment[edit]

  1. Hanwha Life
  2. Hanwha General Insurance
  3. Hanwha Asset Management
  4. Hanwha Investment & Securities
  5. Hanwha Investment
  6. Hanwha Savings Bank

Services & Leisure[edit]

  1. Hanwha Hotels & Resorts
  2. Hanwha Galleria
  3. Hanwha Galleria Timeworld
  4. Hanwha S&C
  5. Hanwha 63 city
  6. Hanwha Station Development

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