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Hanwha Life
Traded as KRX: 088350
Predecessor Korea Life Insurance
Founded September 9, 1946
Headquarters 63 Building, Yeouido, Seoul, South Korea
Key people
Cha, Nam Gyu (CEO)
Products Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Annuities
Revenue Decrease US$ 9.5 bn (2013, 9months)
Decrease US$ 372 mn (2013, 9months)
Total assets Increase US$ 78.5 bn (2013, Dec)
Parent Hanwha Group
Website www.hanwhalife.com
FY13 Shareholder

Hanwha Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (KRX: 088350) is a life insurance company of Korea. It is part of the Hanwha Group.


Hanwha Life Insurance is Korea’s second largest life insurance company with assets of 81 trillion won as of November 2013. It employs 28,000 financial planners and other employees. As of January 2014, it operates seven local headquarters, 65 regional offices and 605 branches.

Founded on September 9, 1946, as Korea Life Insurance, Hanwha Life Insurance Co., Ltd. is based in Hanwha Finance Center 63 in Yeouido, a landmark building of Seoul.

Korea Life Insurance changed its name to Hanwha Life Insurance in October 2012.

Hanwha Life Insurance's main products include Whole Life Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance; savings-type insurance, including Annuity; and others. In addition, Hanwha Life Insurance serves individual asset management through trust commodities. It also sells retirement pension, accident and health insurance and group insurance to companies, and has sales channels including individual agents, Bancassurance through agencies of banks, and an internet sales channel, Onsure.[1]

Key statistics for FY 2013[edit]

  • Due to changes in accounting standards, 2013 financial result is produced on the basis of 9 months(2013.04.01~12.31)
  • Won-Dollar Exchange Rate 1 Dollar equals 1,045won (2013.12.31)
  • Assets under management US$59bn
  • EV US$8.2bn, ANW US$7.0bn, VIF US$1.2bn, VNB US$291mm
  • Credit rating AAA, Stable outlook from all 3 major rating agencies including Moody's and Fitch.
  • Return on Equity: 7.4%
  • RBC (Risk Based Capital) Ratio: 248.2% (before dividend distributed, required to maintain 150%)
  • FY'13 Dividend yield 1.8%, Payout ratio 28.2%.[2]
  • Key institutional shareholders include Lazard Asset Management LLC 7.24% and BlackRock 1.06% as of 31 Dec 2013[3]

Social contribution[edit]

Teenagers growing together: Making an investment in teenagers, which are driving force of the future generation, it has supported sound future of Korea. Happy Friends teenagers service group, World Child Baduk Championship, employees/university students economic education program, building economy library, Hanwha Arts Plus

Life protected together: Through life respect projects, suitable for the essence of a life insurance company, it has fulfilled respect and love for human. ‘Healing camp’ for patients with chronic renal insufficiency, Mom’s Care service group, premature babies support project

Local community living together: Building local communities where people grow together and enjoy living. Hanwha Life Insurance support corps, one company for one village/urban-rural exchange program, emergency relief, caring for senior citizen who lives alone

Culture/Environment harmonizing together: It has contributed to mental health and prosperity of culture through culture and art. Seoul International Fireworks Festival, symphony festival, visiting concert

Hanwha brand[edit]

  • Founded in 1952 and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.[4]
  • One of Korea's top 10 business groups, ranked 321th in 2011 Fortune500[5]
  • Focused on three business areas; Manufacturing&Construction, Finance, Service&Leisure
  • Over 53 domestic affiliates, 78 global network partners across Europe, Americas, China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
  • Total assets of USD 104.5 billion and total sales of USD 30.8 billion in 2012.[6]


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