Hanza Tower

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Hanza Tower
Hanza Tower is located in Poland
Hanza Tower
Location within Poland
General information
Status On hold
Type Skyscraper
Location Sródmiescie
Town or city Szczecin
Country Poland
Coordinates 53°26′16″N 14°33′13″E / 53.4377°N 14.5536°E / 53.4377; 14.5536Coordinates: 53°26′16″N 14°33′13″E / 53.4377°N 14.5536°E / 53.4377; 14.5536
Design and construction
Architecture firm Laguarda.Low Architects LLC of Dallas, Texas
Main contractor J.W. construction
Other information
Parking 400 spaces

Hanza Tower is a proposed skyscraper in Szczecin, Poland. Still under construction, it will stand where the destroyed clothing factory Dana used to stand.[1] It will be in the shape of a sail and have 28 floors, including 3 underground. The tower will be one of the tallest buildings between Gdynia and Berlin. The project has suffered delays and was scheduled to be completed in 2015 or mid 2016.


Hanza Tower is going to be an office skyscraper designed by LLC. It will have 33.000 m2 of area from which 20.877 m2 will be office area and 12.000 m2 of shopping and retail area. It's planned height is 125m. The top floor will be home to a restaurant.


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