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Haplogroup Q-M346
Possible place of origin Eurasia
Coalescence age {{{TMRCA}}}
Ancestor Q-MEH2[1]
Descendants Q-L54, Q-M323[1]
Defining mutations L56, L57, M346 [1]

Haplogroup Q-M346 is a subclade of Y-DNA Haplogroup Q. Haplogroup Q-M346 is defined by the presence of the M346 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP).

Origin and distribution[edit]

Q-M346 was discovered in Central Asia and announced in Sengupta 2006.[2] A latter paper suggested that its ancestral state was isolated to India,[3] but this has since been refuted by its presence in West Asia,[4] Europe[citation needed] and the Americas.[5]


Q-M346 has a wide distribution across much of Asia.[6][7][8][9]

Population Paper N Percentage SNP Tested
Altaians Malyarchuk 2011 [6] 23/89 ~25.8% M346
Khakassians Malyarchuk 2011 [6] 4/64 ~6.3% M346
Todjins Malyarchuk 2011 [6] 10/26 ~38.5% M346
Tuvinians Malyarchuk 2011 [6] 41/108 ~38.0% M346
Sojots Malyarchuk 2011 [6] 2/28 ~7.1% M346
Kalmyks Malyarchuk 2011 [6] 1/60 ~1.7% M346
Halba Sengupta 2006 [2] 1/21 ~4.76% M346
Makrani Sengupta 2006 [2] 1/20 ~5.00% M346
Pathan Sengupta 2006 [2] 2/21 ~5.00% M346
Brahmin (Uttar Pradesh) Sengupta 2006 [2] 1/14 ~7.14% M346
Vellalar Sengupta 2006 [2] 1/31 ~3.23% M346
Pakistan Abu-Amero 2009 [7] 3/176 ~1.70% M346
Kazakhs (Southwest Altai) Dulik 2011 [8] 1/30 ~3.33% M346
Chelkan Dulik 2012 [9] 15/25 ~60.00% M346
Tubalar Dulik 2012 [9] 10/27 ~37.00% M346

The Americas[edit]

In the Americas, the founding paternal lineages include those who are Q-M346 but do not belong to the Q-M3 lineage.[5][10]

Population Paper N Percentage SNP Tested
Enxet Bailliet 2009 [5] 7/24 ~29.20% M346
Ayoreo Bailliet 2009 [5] 2/9 ~22.20% M346
Wichi Bailliet 2009 [5] 1/120 ~0.80% M346
Mocovi Bailliet 2009 [5] 2/40 ~5.00% M346
Mapuche Bailliet 2009 [5] 1/26 ~3.80% M346
Salta Bailliet 2009 [5] 3/72 ~4.80% M346
Cordoba Bailliet 2009 [5] 1/156 ~0.60% M346
Huilliche Bailliet 2009 [5] 1/26 ~3.80% M346
La Paz Bailliet 2009 [5] 1/29 ~3.40% M346
Tarija Bailliet 2009 [5] 4/72 ~5.50% M346

Associated SNPs[edit]

Q-M346 is marked by the presence of the M346 SNP. Since the discovery of M346 several additional SNPs have been found to also be associated with Q-M346. These SNP's include: L56 and L57. These SNPs appear to be "parallel" to M346.[1]


This is Thomas Krahn at the Genomic Research Center's Draft tree Proposed Tree for haplogroup Q-M346. The first three levels of subclades are shown. Additional detail is provided on the linked branch article pages.[1]

  • Q-MEH2 MEH2, L472, L528
    • Q-M346 M346, L56, L57, L474, L892, L942
      • Q-M323 M323
      • Q-L717 L717, L718
      • Q-L940 L940
        • Q-L527 L527, L529, L639
        • Q-L933 L933, L938, L941
      • Q-L53 L53, L55, L213, L331, L475, L476

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Y-DNA backbone tree[edit]

Phylogenetic tree of human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroups [χ 1][χ 2]
"Y-chromosomal Adam"
A00 A0-T [χ 3]
A0 A1 [χ 4]
A1a A1b
A1b1 BT
F1  F2  F3  GHIJK
IJ   K
I J     LT [χ 5]  K2
L     T [χ 6] K2a [χ 7] K2b [χ 8]   K2c   K2d  K2e [χ 9]  
K2a1                    K2b1 [χ 10]    P [χ 11]
NO    S [χ 12]  M [χ 13]    P1     P2
NO1    Q   R
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