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Background information
Origin Kiev, Ukraine
Genres Rock, pop rock
Years active Since 2007
Website [1]
Members Kate Gapochka (vocal)
Ihor Havrilenko (bass)
Alexandr Zbrocky (guitar)
Artem Uhodnykov (drums)

Gapochka (Ukrainian: Гапочка) is young Ukrainian rock-group, created in 2007, winner of "The Global Battle of the Bands 2009" in Ukraine.


The group was organized in 2007, the year when vocalist - Kate Gapochka, arrived from Khmelnytskyi to study at the Kiev Conservatory, and decided to form the group.

Katya Gapochka

The first composition of group was created within two days, created by Kate and the percussionist Artem Ugodnikov – who arrived to study in Kiev from Kirovohrad.

The group initially was named Group Kate Gapochka. In the process searching for new names they were known as Exactly There for more than a month, but later a group went back to the initial concept, but more short name – Gapochka

At this time Ihor Havrilencko (bass guitar) and Alexandr Zbrocky (guitar) joined in with a group

The style which the group uses include Britpop, funk, folk, fate, rock, pop rock.

The GBOB[edit]

Finale of The Global Battle Of The Bands UA 2009

On 25 September within the framework of competition "The Global Battle of the Bands UA 2008" a group got the greatest result among the Kiev commands-participants.

In October of this year «Gapochka» got to the national finale of "The GBOB". A group was marked the special reward – surveys of the first video clip with a rotary press on television.

In 2009 group won 1-е place in the national finale of "The GBOB" – and in 2010 it will be represent Ukraine on the world finale of "The GBOB".

A finale will take place in London on one of grounds of concerts of prestiges. There and the best new group of the world, which will take Main bun, will be chosen.

Interesting facts[edit]

  • The official date of birth of group is considered 11 March 2008, when a group appeared on the stage of Centre of modern art National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, but his participants consider a year the date of appearance of group 2007.
  • There was a saxophone player in the first composition of group
  • Kate Gapochka took the 1st place in a competition «Chervona Ruta (festival)» in a nomination «Acoustic music» is in 2005 a year
  • All present members of group have musical education (unfinished yet)
  • Vocalist - Kate Gapochka - professionally plays on Bandura


  • 2012 - Etap (Етап, 2012) LP
  • 2012 - Mozhe Ya Divchyna? (Може Я Дівчина?, 2012) ЕР
  • 2014 - Elektroakustyka (Електроакустика, 2014)