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Happidog is a producer of vegetarian dog foods. First produced in 1980, Happidog is widely considered to be the first dog food produced with vegetarianism in mind.[citation needed] Based in Norwich, England, the company manufactures dog food using various grains, primarily wheat, barley, rice, and soy, with no animal products, no artificial preservatives, and no artificial colourings. It is BUAV certified for not using animal testing and can be shipped from the United Kingdom to almost anywhere in the world. Vegetarian pop stars Paul McCartney and Howard Jones have both bought Happidog. This health food was once available in tins, which dogs found even more appetizing. This could be due to its softer consistency as the ingredients were hydrated for much longer than the dry version usually is. There was also Happipup, designed for puppies. In the nineties the company produced a vegan version alongside the regular product, which used the more expensive vitamin D2 instead of vitamin D3. Also in that decade, Happidog Crunchy Nuggets were introduced. In 2009 Happidog changed its name to V-Dog. Also the added vitamin D is now from a non-animal source making the product vegan friendly and thus completely cruelty-free

In 2014 V-dog was acquired by Vegeco Ltd, a specialist in vegetarian pet foods based in the United Kingdom.

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