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Happie Nuts
Happie Nuts, September 2010.jpg
September 2010
First issueNovember 2004
Final issueMarch 2016
Based inTokyo

Happie Nuts was a gal fashion magazine published monthly in Japan by Inforest Publishing. Targeted at women in their late teens and early 20s, Happie Nuts was highly oriented toward the style of oneh-gal ("o-neh-san gal", lit. "older-sister gal") and dark-skin.[2] Based in Tokyo,[3] it was in circulation between 2004 and 2016.


Happie Nuts was first published in November 2004[4][5] as the successor to Happie, a fashion magazine targeted at female teenagers.[6] Happie Nuts spawned its special edition, Koakuma & Nuts, in October 2005, which later grew to be Koakuma Ageha as one of the highest-selling fashion magazines in Japan.[7]

In 2014 Happie Nuts was closed, but was restarted in July 2015.[5] However, the magazine ended publication again in March 2016.[5]


Its exclusive models were called "Nuts Mates",[4] which have included Ena Matsumoto, Sayoko Ozaki, Akane Satomi, Sayaka Taniguchi, Miyu Ishima, Saki Nanba, Eriko Tachiya, Shizuka Takeda, Hiromi, Akane Suda, and Nicole Abe.[8]


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