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  • Internet
  • Computer Software
Founded United States (2012)
Founder Nataly Kogan, Sarah Wohl, Colin Plamondon
Headquarters Boston, MA, United States
Key people
Nataly Kogan, CEO
Colin Plamondon, Product
Yoav Shapira, CTO
Website www.happier.com

Happier is a social network focused in collecting and sharing happy moments with other users.


Happier is a software company whose purpose to help its users be happier. It has been called "a social network dedicated to happy moments."[1] The company is founded on scientific research that shows focusing on the positive and sharing good things with people someone cares about makes the users happier, healthier, and more productive.[2]

The company raised a $2.4M seed round of capital in 2012 (and 2013) from two investors: Venrock Partners[3] and Resolute VC,[4] and launched its initial product, an iPhone mobile application, on February 7, 2013.[5]

Users can freely download the application from Apple's App Store. They are prompted with a question of "What makes you happier?" and use the application to record "happy moments" of their own choosing.[6]

According to VentureFizz, a part of the team's approach is to place a premium on design, in order to make the application user-friendly and intuitive, trying to "make every design element help the user feel happier."[7]

The company has also been noted for its innovative culture, particularly its midweek "Happier Hour" break from work.[8]


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