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Happy film poster.jpg
Directed by A. Karunakaran
Produced by Allu Aravind
Written by Kona Venkat
Starring Allu Arjun
Genelia D'Souza
Manoj Bajpayee
Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography R. D. Rajasekhar
Edited by Anthony
Distributed by Geetha Arts
Release date
  • 27 January 2006 (2006-01-27)
Running time
152 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget 16 crore (US$2.4 million)[1]
Box office 32 crore (US$4.8 million)(Share)[1]

Happy is a 2006 Telugu romantic drama film directed by A. Karunakaran. The film stars Allu Arjun, Genelia D'Souza and Manoj Bajpayee in lead roles; music was scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The film was produced by Allu Aravind and released on 27 January 2006.

Upon release, the film was dubbed into Malayalam and released with the title Happy be Happy. The Telugu version was moderately successful at the box office whereas the Malayalam version was a smash hit collecting 12.22 lakhs in its opening week at Ernakulam.The film ran a total of 170 days in kerala and bought a huge fans to allu arjun in kerala. The film was remade in Bengali under the title Bolo Na Tumi Aamar starring Dev and Koel Mallick and in Oriya under the title Loafer starring Babushaan and Archita Sahu. The movie was dubbed into Hindi as Dum.


Madhumati (Genelia D'Souza) is the daughter of a politician who turns out to be a martinet at home with his attachment on power. He believes that the behavior of his daughter would influence his caste politics, so he tries to keep her from continuing her MBBS as she goes to college and moves with friends of different mentalities. However, Madhumathi, comes to third year of medicine by maintaining her dignity and without involving in any affairs of love. Her focus is completely on studies. Once, she goes for a medical camp along with her class mates to Araku Valley. She meets Bunny (Allu Arjun) randomly in the woods nearby the medical camp. The story starts with his funny and playful encounters with Madhumathi.

Bunny comes to Hyderabad and joins in a pizza shop as a delivery boy and continues his MBA by attending evening classes.

In an incident, Madhumathi’s father thinks that his daughter is dating someone and comes to believe that its none other than Bunny. He decides to get her married to a person of his own caste who settled in a top position: Manoj Bajpai, the deputy commissioner of police.

Madhumati is more attached to her studies than marriage. She goes to Bunny and places the blame on him saying that he would be the reason for her suicide should she be forcibly married. Knowing that, Bunny plans to stop the marriage and meets the DCP. Bunny lies to him and convinces the DCP that he is in love with Madhumathi. But Bunny gets caught in his own white lie. Manoj Bajpai believes Bunny’s words and gets him married to Madhumathi in a registered marriage. He also gives his new flat for the couple to live in.

Madhumathi becomes estranged from her family and, in another series of events, ends up living with Bunny (or rather Bunny ends up living with her). Throughout their times together, mishaps and comedic events happen; Bunny ends up falling for Madhumati. Being separated from her family Madhumati has no way of paying for fees and one day expresses this to Bunny. Bunny gets into film industry as a stuntman taking high risk to his life to pay the semester fees of Madhumathi’s MBBS.

Madhumathi scores low in a subject and gets a negative feedback from her professor. To focus on her studies, she scorns Bunny and drives him out of the house. Madhumathi then focuses on her studies and achieves her MBBS degree with honors. On the day of her graduation she admits to her friend that she is indeed in love with Bunny. Her friend reveals that Bunny risked his life to pay her college tuition by doing dangerous stunts. He told her not to tell Madhumathi, and he is going back to Vizag that day. With regret, Madhumati tries to reconcile with Bunny and goes to meet him at the train station. On the way there she gets caught by a road block set up by a policeman who is her father's nemesis. As she was giving a lift to a sex worker (she didn't know at the time), she is jailed under prostitution charge. Soon her father is arrested as he storms the station and slaps the police who arrested her in a rage of fury. She manages to contact Bunny with a cell phone provided by one of the prostitutes, and Bunny comes to the station. Bunny also had an incident with the policeman who arrested Madhumati as he once berated him in public for smoking by a gas station. Bunny becomes enraged and begins to fight with the police. As he is about to deliver a finishing blow, the DCP who was transferred by Madhumati's father in contempt of him refusing Madhumati's hand in marriage comes back just in time and stops Bunny. He says he'll take care of everything and Bunny and Madhumati leave.




Soundtrack album by Yuvan Shankar Raja
30 December 2005 (India)
Recorded 2005
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Producer Yuvan Shankar Raja
Yuvan Shankar Raja chronology

The soundtrack was composed by noted Tamil composer Yuvan Shankar Raja, which was released formally on 30 December 2005.[2] It features six tracks with 'Sirivennela' Seetharama Sastry, Chandrabose, Kulasekhar, Viswa, Pothula Ravi Kiran, Anant Sreeram having each penned lyrics for one song. Yuvan Shankar Raja received much critical acclaim for the music of Happy, which was described as foot-tapping, brilliant and excellent[3][4][5] and also as the major highlight and main strength of the film.[4][6]

Original Version[edit]

Track Song Singer(s) Duration Lyricist Notes
1 "Chal Chal Re" Clinton Cerejo 3:24 Viswa
2 "Happy" Karthik 3:42 Chandrabose
3 "Ossa Re" Jassie Gift & Suchitra 3:50 Pothula Ravikiran
4 "I Hate You" Ranjith & Vasundara Das 4:39 Anant Sreeram
5 "Egire Mabbullona" S. P. B. Charan 3:57 Kulasekhar
6 "Nee Kosam" Shankar Mahadevan 3:18 'Sirivennela' Seetharama Sastry

Malayalam Version[edit]

Track Song Singer(s) Lyricist
1 "Azhake Nee Enne" Jose Sagar Siju Thuravoor
2 "Happy" Franco Siju Thuravoor
3 "Chal Chal Chal Mere" Anwar Sadath Siju Thuravoor
4 "Chirichu Konjunna" Jassie Gift, Sangeetha Siju Thuravoor
5 "I Hate You" Vidhu Prathap, Akhila Anand Siju Thuravoor
6 "Maname Manmizhiyale" V. Devanand Siju Thuravoor

Box office[edit]

Happy was made with a high budget of 16 crore (US$2.4 million).[1] Happy collected 12 crore (US$1.8 million)(Share) in 100 Days worldwide with a final gross figure of 32 crore (US$4.8 million).[1]


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