Happy Family (film)

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Happy Family
Film poster
Traditional 風流家族
Simplified 风流家族
Mandarin Fēngliú Jiāzú
Cantonese Fung1lau4 Gaa1zuk6
Directed by Herman Yau
Produced by Herman Yau
Yeung Yee-shan
Screenplay by Ng Kin-hung
Starring Nick Cheung
Candy Lo
Kenny Bee
Cecilia Yip
Amanda Lee
Music by Brother Hung
Cinematography Puccini Yu
Edited by Robert Choi
Mandarin Films
Buddy Film Creative Workshop
Distributed by Wide Sight Entertainment
Release date
  • 7 March 2002 (2002-03-07)
Running time
100 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$287,996

Happy Family is a 2002 Hong Kong romantic comedy film directed by Herman Yau and starring Nick Cheung, Candy Lo and Kenny Bee.


Small Han Sang (Nick Cheung) works in a top position at his father's (Kenny Bee) real estate company. His father does not interfere often but during a period of interviewing new applicants, his father has personally recommended Kaka (Candy Lo), who in the end, gets a job at the company. A good worker and a good bond between Sang and Kaka is created, even to the point of love and plans of marriage. However, Mr.Han later drops the bomb that Kaka is actually Sang's sister.

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