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Happy Happy Clover
Happy Happy Clover 5.jpg
Cover of the 5th volume of the manga, showing Clover and Rambler.
(Hapi Hapi Kurōbā)
Written by Tatsuyama Sayuri
Published by Shogakukan
English publisher
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Ciao
Original run August 2005November 2008
Volumes 5
Anime television series
Directed by Kazumi Nonaka
Written by Tetsuo Yasumi
Studio Group TAC
Original network TV Aichi
Tokyo MX
Kids Station
Original run 6 July 200728 September 2007
Episodes 13
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Happy Happy Clover (はぴはぴクローバー?, Hapi Hapi Kurōbā) is a Japanese manga series created and illustrated by Sayuri Tatsuyama, serialized in Shogakukan's shōjo magazine Ciao from August 2005 to November 2008. Five tankōbon volumes were serialized in April 2006 to November 2008. Viz Media currently holds the license for the manga series. An anime adaptation by Group TAC officially aired on TV Aichi from July 6, 2007 to 28 September 2007, adapting some of the chapters from the first 3 volumes.


Chima is a young female rabbit who lives in the Crescent Moon Forest, a forest untouched by humans. Being friends with Gaku and Haru, she lives a rather good life but she desires to travel with Tabi-Usagi San, a male rabbit she adores but is deemed too young. One day when she is late for school, Gaku makes fun of her for being late. The same time, Professor Hoot announces the arrival of a new student: Meru. All 4 of them explore the forest they live in, getting in and out of trouble and learning things as they grow up while at the same time, Chima setting her goals to convince Tabi-Usagi San to take her along to his travels.


Note: Characters' names in English are shown on the right

Main characters[edit]

Chima (ちま?, Chima) / Clover
Voiced by: Sayaka Narita
The main protagonist of the series, a white rabbit with a heart-shaped puff of fur at her neckline and purple eyes, she wears a clover next to her left ear. Chima is a lively, happy bunny, who sometimes gets into trouble, dragging her friends along. She isn't very responsible sometimes and often her mistakes can escalate into bigger troubles in which she needs to resolve. She is also shown to be a scatterbrained, usually good at cooking and bad in sewing.
Meru (メル?, Meru) / Mallow
Voiced by: Tae Okajima
Meru is Chima's best friend, a light pink rabbit, with dark pink markings on her right eye, all the way down to her right ear. With brown eyes and a big heart, Haru fell in love with her. She's calm, sweet, kind, and extremely intelligent. In the epilogue, she ends up marrying Haru.
Gaku (ガク?, Gaku) / Kale
Voiced by: Yumiko Kobayashi
Gaku is one of Chima's friends, a strong brown hare with amazing green eyes. The oldest of the seven bunny siblings, he has to help his parents take care of them. He's friendly and loyal, but a little mysterious. He secretly has a crush on Thistle and sticks up for his friend Haru. In the end, he marries Luka (ルカ?, Ruka, Thistle) and they had a son named Taka (タカ?, Taka, Chard).
Haru (ハル?, Haru) / Shallot
Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe
Haru is also one of Chima's friends, a yellowish-orange rabbit with glasses. He is extremely smart and always seen with a book. Chima calls him a nerd; in other words, a bookworm. He has a secret side, which isn't all about knowledge and books. He supports his best friend Kale and has a crush on Meru. In the end of the series, he gets married to Meru and has a daughter named Miru (ミル?, Miru, Yarrow) and a son named Arl (アル?, Aru, Bergamot).
Tabi-Usagi San/Raul (旅うさぎさん/ラウル?, Tabi-Usagi San/Rauru) / Rambler/Bramble
Voiced by: Takehito Koyasu
Tabi-Usagi San is a male rabbit that travels to different forests all the time, and tells the other animals stories about his adventures. He is quite a bit older than all the other rabbits and may have a crush on clover. Chima is supposed to adventure with him when she gets older, but he always refuses. His past is very painful to him when he was young, as when he was playing outside the forest he witnessed a fire caused by Humans that destroyed his home and killed off his parents. Since that incident, he has been traveling ever since and later told everything to Chima about his past suffering.
Professor Hoot (ホッホー先生?, Hohhō Sensei)
Voiced by: Chō
Professor Hoot is the teacher of the kids in the Crescent Moon Forest. A brown-horned owl who is Gruff, but secretly nice. Known for his dreaded invitations to his home, which usually includes bitter health tea which all his students hate, and his long stories about his youth.
Hirari (ひらり?, Hirari) / Hickory
Voiced by: Rumi Shishido
Hirari is Chima's babysitter, a flying squirrel. Calm, cool, collected, and nice to everyone, he is also afraid of spiders and eats a lot when he sees one. He also has an allergy on Yum Yum Mushrooms.

Minor characters[edit]

Chima's Family (ちまの家族?, Chima no Kazoku) / Clover's Family
Voiced by: Kana Uetake (Chima's Mother), Tetsuharu Ōta (Chima's Father)
Chima's only parents and family. Her father is a meteorologist and inventor while her mother is a renowned cook and admirer of her husband's inventions.
Tata (タタ?, Tata) / Tip, Tete (テテ?, Tete) / Top, Toto (トト?, Toto) / Tap, Pupu (ププ?, Pupu) / Flip, Pepe (ペペ?, Pepe) / Flop and Popo (ポポ?, Popo) / Flap
Voiced by: Yuka Nakatsukasa
Gaku's sextuplet younger brothers.
Yuta (ゆーた?, Yuta) / Blackberry
Voiced by: Yoshihisa Kawahara
A male Asian black bear cub who's a close friend of Chima and Gaku. His family specializes on making Honey.
Bina (ビーナ?, Bīna) / Forsythia
Voiced by: Miho Miyagawa
A female deer fawn, who is closely friends with Chima and Meru.
Charaku (チャラク?, Charaku) / Cinnamon
Voiced by: Tatsuhisa Suzuki
A fox who is one of the forest's biggest pranksters. He lies to the denizens of the forest and is often seen with Kururi with their schemes, but sometimes falls flat when Chima busts them.
Kururi (クルリ?, Kururi) / Twirl
Voiced by: Ai Shimizu
Charaku's friend and partner in crime. He's a squirrel who also likes to pull pranks on the denizens of the forest, but like Charaku, he also fails when busted.
Hiyo (ヒーヨ?, Hīyo) and Dori (ドリー?, Dorī)
Voiced by: Tetsuharu Ōta (Hiyo), Yoshihisa Kawahara
Also known as the "Bulbull Brothers", they're a pair of rapping Brown-eared bulbul who sometimes annoys Chima and her friends and often competes with them.
Elle (エル?, Eru)
Voiced by: Kotomi Iwamura
Haru's older sister, who has a calm demeanor like him and likes flowers, especially light grass flowers. Roy, her childhood friend appears to have a crush on him.

The Water Goddess (水の女神?Mizu no megami/The Spirit of the Spring)

The Water Goddess is a minor character who resides in the Haunted Spring. She is said to curse those who pollute her lake, however, it is also noted that she also grants wishes, only to teach one a valuable lesson. She appears in chapter 2 of the manga and episode 3 of the anime and appears once again in volume 5, when she grants Chima and Hirari's wish to switch bodies for a day. Her style varies, from each manga; In the anime, she is shown with long blonde hair, green eyes, and a blue dress, and in volume 5 her design is altered greatly; her hair now has more detail, she's much more "well endowed" than her anime counterpart, and she has wing-like ears, almost like she's an angel. She seems belovolent and she cares deeply for Chima (it is also implied that she struck Charaku with a lightning bolt). Despite being in the anime, currently her voice actor is unknown.



The manga was originally created by Tatsuyama Sayuri. It was first serialized in the August 2005 issue of Ciao and later collected in five tankōbon volumes. Viz Media licensed the manga in 2009 and all 5 volumes were being released in English and later released through Amazon Kindle for digital distribution. The manga also gotten a French translation in 2016 where the manga is called "Happy Clover" and is distributed by Nobi-Nobi.

Volumes List[edit]

No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 April 28, 2006 ISBN 978-4-09-130406-3 February 3, 2009 ISBN 978-1-4215-2656-0
2 February 1, 2007 ISBN 978-4-09-130809-2 June 2, 2009 ISBN 978-1-4215-2657-7
3 June 29, 2007 ISBN 978-4-09-131226-6 October 6, 2009 ISBN 978-1-4215-2658-4
4 April 28, 2008 ISBN 978-4-09-131700-1 February 2, 2010 ISBN 978-1-4215-2735-2
5 December 26, 2008 ISBN 978-4-09-132273-9 June 1, 2010 ISBN 978-1-4215-2736-9


An Anime adaptation was aired from July 6, 2007 to September 28, 2007 on Kids Station and TV Aichi in Japan. It was directed by Kazumi Nonaka and the anime only adapts the first 3 volumes of the Manga, only lasting for 13 episodes. The opening song is titled "Shiawase no Kakera" (シアワセのカケラ?, lit. Pieces of Dreams) by Marimomi, the ending theme is titled "Aiiro no Sora no Shita de" (藍色の空の下で?, lit. Under the Indigo Sky) by Mikuni Shimokawa.

Episode list[edit]

No. Title Original air date
01 "Welcome to Crescent Forest / Crescent Forest House Calls"
"Mikadzukimori ni yōkoso/ Mikadzukimori no otaku hōmon" (三日月森にようこそ / 三日月森のお宅訪問) 
July 6, 2007
02 "Tabi Usagi-san Appears! / Defeat the Monster~!"
"Tabi Usagi-san tōjō! / Kaibutsu o yattsukero〜!" (旅うさぎさん登場! / 怪物をやっつけろ〜!) 
July 13, 2007
03 "The Fountain's Secret!? / Chima, the Mail Delivery Bunny!?"
"Izumi no himitsu!? / Chima wa yūbin ya-san!?" (泉のひみつ!? / ちまは郵便やさん!?) 
July 20, 2007
04 "Meru's Feelings / The Hiyodori Twins's Game!"
"Meru no kimochi / Hiyodori kyōdai to shōbu!" (メルのきもち / ヒヨドリ兄弟と勝負!) 
July 27, 2007
05 "The Birth of the Bunny Express! / A Large Package!?"
"Usa posuto-tai kessei! / Ōkina ni motsu!?" (うさポスト隊結成! / 大きなにもつ!?) 
August 3, 2007
06 "Testing Secrets / The Race against Tabi Usagi-san!"
"Tesuto wa himitsu/ Tabi Usagi-san to rēsu!" (テストはひみつ / 旅うさぎさんとレース!) 
August 10, 2007
07 "Major Help Arrives! / Hirari's Weakness Found!"
"Ōmono suketto tōjō! / Hirari-san no jakuten hakken!" (大物助っ人登場! / ひらりさんの弱点発見!) 
August 17, 2007
08 "A Cute Ghost / Protect the Light Grass!"
"Kawaī obake / Akari kusa o mamore!" (カワイイおばけ / あかり草をまもれ!) 
August 24, 2007
09 "Chima's Challenge! / Hirari's Vacation"
"Chima no hatsu chōsen / Hirari-san no bakansu" (ちまの初挑戦 / ひらりさんのバカンス) 
August 31, 2007
10 "Papa's First Teachings / Bunny Express, Seeking out"
"Papa no tsuitachi sensei / Usa posuto-tai, hippari-dako" (パパの一日先生 / うさポスト隊、ひっぱりだこ) 
September 7, 2007
11 "Sextuplet Alert! / Chima's Absence Number"
"Mutsugo chūihō! / Chima no orusu ban" (六つ子注意報! / ちまのおるす番) 
September 14, 2007
12 "Chima, Knitting a Scarf / The Strange Large Thief!"
"Chima, mafurā o amu / Kimyōna dai doro bō!" (ちま、マフラーを編む / 奇妙な大どろぼう!) 
September 21, 2007
13 "You Can Do it, Haru! / Ode to Spring!"
"Ganbare Haru! / Harutsugematsuri ga yattekuru!" (がんばれハル! / 春告祭がやってくる!) 
September 28, 2007


There are two games, both released in Japanese only.

ちゃおドリームタッチ! ハッピーあにばーさりー

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