Happy Mother-in-Law, Pretty Daughter-in-Law

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Happy Mother-in-Law, Pretty Daughter-in-Law
Happy Mother-in-law, Pretty Daughter-in-law (poster).jpg
Official poster
Also known as 八星報喜賜良緣 (in Hong Kong)
Genre Costume drama
Created by Yu Zheng
Directed by Yeung Chi-kin
Zhou Jiawen
Starring Kingdom Yuen
Shirley Dai
Mickey He
Hawick Lau
Myolie Wu
Gao Hao
Yang Rong
Opening theme "Huan Xi Ge" (欢喜歌) by Mickey He & Myolie Wu
Ending theme "Li Hai Liao" (厉害了) by Mickey He
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 33
Producer(s) Yu Zheng
Cao Zhe
Location(s) Shanghai
Camera setup Multi camera
Running time 40 minutes (per episode)
Production company(s) Yu Zheng Workshop
Zijun Brilliance
Original network Shenzhen TV
Original release October 10 – 20, 2010
Happy Mother-in-Law, Pretty Daughter-in-Law
Traditional Chinese 歡喜婆婆俏媳婦
Simplified Chinese 欢喜婆婆俏媳妇
Literal meaning Happy Mother-in-Law, Pretty Daughter-in-Law

Huan Xi Popo Qiao Xifu, also known by its literal English title Happy Mother-in-Law, Pretty Daughter-in-Law, is a Chinese television comedy-drama serial created by Yu Zheng. The drama is a produced by Yu Zheng Workshop and Zijun Brilliance, directed by Yeung Chi-kin and Zhou Jiawen, and features cast members from both Mainland China and Hong Kong.[1] The drama originally broadcast in 33 episodes (though 35 episodes were produced) on Shenzhen TV from October 10 to 20, 2010, airing three consecutive episodes a night. Taiwan's China Television (CTV) aired the drama one episode per night, starting from December 8, 2010. Southern China's Guangdong Television debuted the drama on January 26, 2011, airing in double episodes per night. Shanxi Television debuted the drama on January 29, 2011, and the drama began airing on Jiangsu Television (JSTV) starting February 3, 2011. Hong Kong's i-Cable Entertainment Channel aired the Cantonese dubbed version starting January 31, 2011, renaming the title to 8 Stars (八星報喜賜良緣) due to its Lunar New Year time slot.

The story takes place in an unnamed Chinese city during the early 1900s, a few years after the establishment of the Republic of China. Ma Linglong (Kingdom Yuen), an ex-princess of the fallen Qing Dynasty, is forced to take up a matchmaking profession to raise her three sons (Hawick Lau, Mickey He, Gao Hao) after her husband left her for another woman. As her three sons grow older, she prepares to find wives with them through matchmaking, but none of them worked through.


Ma Linglong, a professional matchmaker and an ex-princess of the fallen Qing Dynasty, is choosy when picking wives for her three sons. She wants her first son, Changsheng, to marry an intelligent and hardworking wife, but he falls in love with the money-lover Manguan. Linglong's second son, Changhuan, is bright and witty, and she has hopes for him to marry an elegant and clever wife, but Changhuan is attracted to the naïve ex-convict Jinyu. The youngest son, Changjun, is educated in the west. Linglong hopes Changjun's educated background will bring honor to the family, but Changjun wants to marry the family's matchmaking apprentice Bajie, who is three years his senior. Although her three daughter-in-laws are not what she expected, she nonetheless tries her best to correct their flaws, winning the respect of her children.


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