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The Happy Shopper, at the Cramner Bank Shops, on the Black Moor Estate in Moor Allerton, Leeds
The original Happy Shopper logo

Happy Shopper is a British brand of independent convenience products. The brand was originally owned by cash and carry company Nurdin and Peacock, who were subsequently acquired by Booker Group in November 1996. The brand was also formerly used for a convenience store franchise, but as of 2013, very few stores still operate under the name Happy Shopper, and most rebranded under the Premier Stores brand also controlled by Booker Group[citation needed].

The products are sold by Booker to independent convenience stores and off-licences. Products include groceries, frozen foods, carbonated drinks and confectionery. The brand's logo was a smiling face with blonde hair. This logo was controversially dropped from the Happy Shopper products and packaging in 2000, as part of a redesign by Partners In Communication, a design consultant company.[1][not in citation given]


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