Happy Tale

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Happy Tale
Happy Tale Logo.png
Developer(s) Can't Stop Games
Release April 5, 2012
Genre(s) Construction and management simulation

Happy Tale (Polish: Wesoła Osada, German: Frohes Dorf, Russian: Лесная туса) is a casual social city-building simulation game developed by Can't Stop Games and released in April 2012.[1]


Happy Tale was created in 2012 by the Polish development studio Can't Stop Games, which also developed Doomsday Preppers (based on the series by National Geographic), Pirates Saga, and Tanadu.[2] It is a Flash game with 3D game engine, and requires Adobe Flash 10.1.0 or newer to run.


Happy Tale is free-to-play, but additional content in the game is available for premium currency. A browser and a stable internet connection is needed to play the game, which can be played with friends or strangers.

The game uses the mouse as a controller. Quests will guide the user through game. The game has farming elements that are part of the main game—the user must take care of their crops, or else they will wither. Available in-game are fruit trees that will never wither and allow one to gather more food for citizens. There are also two types of buildings available: production buildings and hero buildings. Production buildings produce gold for food, while hero buildings have eight types of missions that can produce different amounts of gold. Additionally, each hero building will bring new heroes to the game that can help the user in their village.


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