A Happy Woman

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A Happy Woman
Also known as Blissful Woman
Happy Women
Genre Romance, Drama
Written by Park Jung-ran
Directed by Kim Jong-chang
Starring Yoon Jung-hee
Kim Suk-hoon
Jung Gyu-woon
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 58
Running time Saturdays and Sundays at 19:55
Original network Korean Broadcasting System
Original release January 6 (2007-01-06) – July 21, 2007 (2007-07-21)
Preceded by Famous Princesses
Followed by The Golden Age of Daughters-in-Law
External links
Website www.kbs.co.kr/drama/happy/

A Happy Woman (Hangul행복한 여자; RRHaengbokhan Yeoja; also known as Blissful Woman) is a 2007 South Korean television series starring Yoon Jung-hee,[1] Kim Suk-hoon and Jung Gyu-woon. It aired on KBS2 from January 6 to July 21, 2007 on Saturdays and Sundays at 19:55 for 58 episodes.


As the titular "happy woman," Lee Ji-yeon (Yoon Jung-hee) is an accessory designer with a cheerful, go-getting personality despite often being looked down upon because of her humble educational and family background. She ends up in a love triangle with her wealthy husband (Jung Gyu-woon) and a lonely detective (Kim Suk-hoon), as the drama explores what happiness means for a woman in terms of family, work, and love.[2]


Ji-yeon is an accessory designer. She graduated from a vocational college and is therefore looked down on by her peers at work. At her home, she is the youngest daughter of three and was raised by a divorced single mother. She is not her mother's biological child - she is her divorced father's love child. She married into a wealthy family and her mother-in-law does not approve of her. Despite these hardships in both her personal and work life, Ji-yeon is bright, kind, and optimistic.
Ji-yeon's husband. The second son of a wealthy family, he has a modern attitude and a sophisticated manner. He married Ji-yeon without regard to her wealth and background.
A detective. He became estranged from his widowed mother during his teenage years when she remarried. He worked hard to graduate high school on his own and attended police academy. He then re-established his relationship with his mother, and even accepted his stepfather, but still remains somewhat distant.
Lee family
  • Go Doo-shim as Park Won-hee (mother)
  • Kang Boo-ja as Son Young-soon (grandmother)
  • Moon Jung-hee as Lee Ji-sook (older sister)
  • Kim Yoon-jung as Lee Ji-seon (youngest sister)
  • Kim Jae-man as Hwang Dae-gil (Ji-seon's husband)
  • Kim So-hyun as young Ji-yeon
Choi family
  • Joo Hyun as Choi Hyun-doo (father)
  • Sa Mi-ja as Byun Young-ja (mother)
  • Park Sung-woong as Choi Joon-sik (older brother)
  • Choi Ji-na as Moon Sun-young (Joon-sik's wife)
Kim family
  • Jang Yong as Lee Jong-min (stepfather)
  • Park Soon-chun as Tae-seop's mother
  • Kim Dae-sung as Lee Ji-hoon (stepbrother)
Extended cast
  • Jang Mi-inae as Jo Ha-young (Joon-ho's college girlfriend)
  • Kim Yoon-kyung as Yoo Mi-ra (Tae-seop's ex-girlfriend)
  • Kang Ji-sub as Jang Byung-gyu
  • Lee Mi-young as Byung-gyu's mother
  • Park Sa-rang as (Ji-yeon and Joon-ho's daughter)
  • Kang Yi-seok as (Tae-seop's adopted son)
  • Shin Dong-mi as Huh Jong-mi (Ji-yeon's friend)
  • Choi Suk-goo as a jewelry distributor
  • Kim Myung-kook as a Detective (Tae-seop's boss)
  • Choi Jae-won as Ko Pil-doo (Sun-young's dermatologist)
  • Jo Sung-kyu



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