Happy the Man (Happy the Man album)

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Happy the Man
Studio album by Happy the Man
Released Aug 1977[1]
Recorded November & December 1976 at A&M Studios, Hollywood, California
Genre Progressive rock
Length 49:07
Label Arista Records
Producer Ken Scott
Happy the Man chronology
Happy the Man
Crafty Hands
(1978)Crafty Hands1978

Happy the Man is the debut album by the progressive rock band Happy the Man, released in 1977. Rolling Stone ranked it 50th on their list of the 50 greatest prog-rock albums of all time.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Starborne" (Kit Watkins) – 4:22
  2. "Stumpy Meets the Firecracker in Stencil Forest" (Stanley Whitaker) – 4:16
  3. "Upon the Rainbow (Befrost)" (Watkins, Frank Wyatt) – 4:42
  4. "Mr. Mirror's Reflections on Dreams" (Watkins) – 8:54
  5. "Carousel" (Wyatt) – 4:06
  6. "Knee Bitten Nymphs in Limbo" (Whitaker) – 5:22
  7. "On Time as a Helix of Precious Laughs" (Wyatt) – 5:22
  8. "Hidden Moods" (Watkins) – 3:41
  9. "New York Dream's Suite" (Wyatt) – 8:32


Road Crew[edit]

  • Eric Smith – Road Manager
  • Steven Meeks – Stage Lighting
  • Kenny Baily – Stage Manager
  • Wayne Garber – Sound Engineer
  • Live Sound Provided by Ace Pace
  • Cover Art – Mary Walsh Photo/ Dennis Luzak Illustration Back cover *Photography – Mary Walsh Inner Sleeve Photo: Benno Friedman Design & *Art Direction – Bob Heimall


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