Har Halutz

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Har Halutz
Har Halutz is located in Northwest Israel
Har Halutz
Har Halutz
Coordinates: 32°57′1.98″N 35°18′44.2″E / 32.9505500°N 35.312278°E / 32.9505500; 35.312278Coordinates: 32°57′1.98″N 35°18′44.2″E / 32.9505500°N 35.312278°E / 32.9505500; 35.312278
District Northern
Council Misgav
Affiliation HaMerkaz HaHakla'i
Founded 1985
Founded by American immigrants
Population (2017)[1] 497
Website www.halutz.org.il

Har Halutz (Hebrew: הַר חָלוּץ‬, lit. Pioneer Hill), officially known as Halutz (Hebrew: חָלוּץ‬, Pioneer) is a community settlement in the central Galilee in northern Israel. Har Halutz is located in the rocky terrain of Gush Tefen and belongings to the Misgav Regional Council. In 2017 it had a population of 497.

Home in Har Halutz

Har Halutz is a communal village designed for "free enterprise" living (as opposed to collective economic organization found in kibbutzim and moshavim). For livelihood, members work in nearby towns or create new employment opportunities on or near the site. Har Halutz has two office buildings with small offices that it rents to members requiring office space. The community synagogue provides services, festival activities and lifecycle celebrations.

Communal life at Har Halutz centers on holiday celebrations. Families take turns organizing the holiday activities and are given a free hand to create a memorable event for the entire community.


Har Halutz was originally settled by a gar'in that was established in the United States during the early 1980s under the auspices of the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism (Reform Movement). The nine families who moved up to the location in 1985 consisted of a mix of English speaking immigrants and native Israelis. Through the years Har Halutz has continued to attract an interesting mix of families from around the world, although the majority of new families are native Israelis.

The Master Plan for Har Halutz calls for 330 single family detached homes located in approximately six neighborhoods. These neighborhoods surround a core service center that currently includes a day care center, kindergarten, two office buildings, a youth center and a combined synagogue/community center. As of September 2013, there are approximately 110 families living in the settlement.

Just west of the town is the hill named Har Halutz. Archaeologists say that the mountain hasn't had a permanent settlement since the days of the Second Temple. Nearby, an ancient earth-filled stone wall was found.


Nearby Mount Halutz is 798 meters high. The village of Har Halutz is 760 meters high.[2] Har Halutz has a hot summer Mediterranean climate. On average, snow falls about once a year. Average annual precipitation is around 800 mm, falling almost entirely between October and May.


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