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Har Ki Doon

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In this image is a portion of the valley, a river which flows through it, and in the background, the Himalayan peak named Swargarohini. Local legend has it that Yudhishthira (one of the Pandavas from the Hindu epic Mahabharata) climbed this peak on his way to Heaven.

Har Ki Doon or Har Ki Dun is a cradle-shaped hanging valley in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand, India. The region is surrounded with green Bugyals (High Altitude Meadows). It is surrounded by snow-covered peaks and alpine vegetation.[1] It is connected to Baspa Valley by the Borasu Pass.

This valley is about 3566 m (11700 ft) above mean sea level and is snow-covered from October to March.

ATM point and mobile connectivity


Purola has the last ATM point before Sankri (Basecamp). Sankri is the last place before starting a trek with a stable mobile signal. [2]


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