Hara Island

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Hara Island
Native name: Hara saar
Hara island, 2008-05.jpg
Location Baltic Sea
Coordinates 59°35′04″N 25°37′30″E / 59.58444°N 25.62500°E / 59.58444; 25.62500Coordinates: 59°35′04″N 25°37′30″E / 59.58444°N 25.62500°E / 59.58444; 25.62500
Area 0.11 km2 (0.042 sq mi)
Highest elevation 13 m (43 ft)
County Harju
Municipality Kuusalu Parish
Population 0

Hara (Estonian: Hara saar) is a small uninhabited island off the northern coast of Estonia in the Gulf of Finland with an area of 11 hectares. The highest point of the island is 13 meters above the sea level.


Prior to Second World War, the island had a few families as permanent inhabitants and a small fish factory operated there. After the war, the small harbour facing the island on the mainland was taken over by the Soviet Navy and used as a base for submarines. The island's inhabitants were removed.