Hara Seghira Synagogue

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Hara Seghira Synagogue
Hara Seghira Synagogue.JPG
Exterior of Hara Seghira Synagogue
Basic information
Location Moktar Attia Street
Tunisia Er Riadh, Tunisia
Affiliation Orthodox Judaism
Rite Sephardic
Status Abandoned

The Hara Seghira Synagogue (كنيس حارة صغيرة) is located on Moktar Attia Street, just north of Place L’Independence, in the town of Er Riadh on the island of Djerba, Tunisia.

Er Riadh is the modern name for the ancient Jewish village of Djirt, which became known as “Hara Seghira” or the “Small Ghetto”.

The dilapidated courtyard of the former synagogue

As the Jewish community of the village declined the synagogue was abandoned and the building is now in a state of dilapidation. The Jewish community of Er Riadh, numbering around 80, is now centered on the El Ghriba synagogue located on the southern outskirts of the village.

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Coordinates: 33°48′50″N 10°51′34″E / 33.8139°N 10.8594°E / 33.8139; 10.8594