Haradatta Choudhury

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Haradatta Choudhury
Born (1745-01-00)January , 1745
Died January 1, 1800(1800-01-01) (aged 55)
Nationality Indian
Occupation Zamindar
Known for Fighting against oppressive occupation of Kamrup by Ahom's

Haradatta Choudhury was revolutionary from Kamrup, now in Assam, India, who fought against oppressive occupation of Kamrup by Ahoms, along with his brother Birdatta Choudhury.[1]

Early life[edit]

Hardatta Choudhury was born in a rich zamindar family, of Jikeri, Kamrup.


In late seventeenth century, Ahoms occupied Kamrup. Their presence was usually marked by cruelty and tyranny. These events led to general discontent, among common people of Kamrup.[2] Ultimately, as a last resort people decided to expel the Ahoms from their lands.[3] The revolt, was born with the leadership of the two brothers Hardatta and Birdatta Choudhury. In about 1798, the brothers raised a small mercenary of Hindustanis and Punjabis, and declared war against the tyrannical occupants.[4]

In spite of a lack of resources, they fought with such a zeal that within a short period they were able to regain all of northern Kamrup. They held Kamrup for some time, then eventually laid down their lives for the cause, against an organised army, but this marked the commencement of the end of interference by Ahoms in Kamrup.

National hero[edit]

Due to heroics and sacrifice of brothers, they are still remembered in Kamrup, in form of ballads such as Padmakumarir Geet depicting their bravery.[5]

See also[edit]

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