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Harald Weiss (2009).

Harald Weiss (surname also spelled "Weiß") (born 26 May 1949 in Salzgitter) is a German composer, director, screenwriter, and free-lance artist.

Weiss's compositions are influenced by minimalism, as well as jazz and rock musics. Numerous trips (in the context of theater workshops and tours) to Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America have also had a significant influence on his music.

Weiss has received many awards for his musical compositions and films, including the Niedersachsen Kulturpreis (1982), the Kulturpreis of Bielefeld (1984), and a fellowship from the Villa Massimo in Rome (1985-1986).

In 2009 Dorothee Mields and Andreas Karasiak were the soloists in his requiem composition Schwarz vor Augen und es ward Licht dedicated to the Knabenchor Hannover, premiered on 31 October 2009 with the NDR Symphony Orchestra.[1]

Weiss has lived in Majorca, Spain since 1984, and his music is published by Schott Music.


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