Harano Sur

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Harano Sur (Lost Music)
Directed by Ajoy Kar
Produced by Uttam Kumar
Starring Suchitra Sen
Uttam Kumar
Utpal Dutt
Pahari Sanyal
Distributed by Alochhaya Productions
Release date
  • 1957 (1957)
Running time
162 minutes
Country India
Language Bengali

Harano Sur (Bengali: হারানো সুর;English:The Lost Melody) is a 1957 Indian Bengali romantic drama film by Ajoy Kar, starring Suchitra Sen and Uttam Kumar, with music by Hemanta Mukherjee, and sung by Geeta Dutt. The film is regarded as one of the finest examples [1] of Bengali cinema of this early golden [2] period. The film has broad similarities in plot with the 1942 Hollywood flick Random Harvest.


An amnesiac after a train accident, Alok Mukherjee (Uttam Kumar) is rescued on escaping from the asylum where he is admitted by doctor Roma Banerjee (Suchitra Sen) who takes him to her father's (Pahadi Sanyal) country house in a village called Palaspur. There, while treating him she falls for him and he for her. They marry but a second accident makes him recall his life as a rich businessman in Calcutta and forget the memories spent with Roma. Roma follows him to Calcutta and meets him there but he doesn't recognise her. He hires her as governess to his niece instead. Roma keeps trying to simulate Alok's memory but is looked at suspiciously by Lata, Alok's fiancee in Calcutta who thinks Roma is snatching Alok away from her and who complains to Alok's mother. The latter has Roma kicked out. Alok realizing she is from Palaspur and that is where he got back his memory goes there and regains his memory of times spent with Roma there. All's well that end well.



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