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Town and union council
Country Pakistan
Region Jhelum
District Jhelum District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Tilla Jogian

Haranpur is a town and union council of Pind Dadan Khan Tehsil in Jhelum District, Punjab province, Pakistan,[1] it is located at 32°36'11N 73°8'53E.[2] During British rule a bridge was built for the Sindsagar line of the North-Western Railway. On the opposite side of the river, at a distance of about 5 miles, lies the old town of Mieni, once a place of distinct importance.[3]


In 326 BCE Alexander the Great pitched camp near the town during his invasion,[4] it was one of the few places where the Hydaspes could be forded.[5] In 17th century, the Mughal emperor Jhangir went for a hunt, he was chasing a deer, while chasing it his men were left behind. He was alone chasing the deer. A man named Raja Salman Khan (one of the noble people of the area) met him. He killed the deer and gave it to the emperor (Jahangir) - Jahangir became happy and said "take a horse, till sunset, land you covered will be yours". Salman Khan took the horse and started moving until sunset he covered almost 3 villages. Jahangir gave him the control of that place which he cov


Coordinates: 32°36′11″N 73°8′53″E / 32.60306°N 73.14806°E / 32.60306; 73.14806