Harar Brewery

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Harar Brewery
Location Harar, Ethiopia
Opened 1984
Annual production volume Up to 250,000 hectolitres (210,000 US bbl)
Owned by Heineken International
Active beers
Name Type
Harar Beer pale lager[1]
Hakim Stout stout
Harar Sofi non-alcoholic

Harar Brewery is a brewery with its headquarters in Harar, Ethiopia.


Harar Brewery produces Harar Beer, a 5 % abv pale lager, as well as Hakim Stout, a 5.8% abv stout.[1][2][3] The brewery also makes Harar Sofi, a non-alcoholic beverage that it markets toward the Muslim population.[4]

Harar Brewery uses water from the Genela spring, which is situated on its premises. It supplements this with water that it pumps from Finkile, located 33 km from the site.[5]

The brewery is capable of producing 500,000 hectolitres per year.[5]

In 2011, the state-owned Harar Brewery became a subsidiary of Heineken International through a buyout costing $78 million USD.[6]

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